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July 28, 2017

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Today marks the start of my 4 day weekend.  I'm really lucky to work where I do as we work Tues-Fri and Mon - Thurs alternately, so that every other weekend is 4 days.  I work for the older of the 2 dentists, and my co-worker and I were speculating that he will cut down the number of days he works, so she is hoping he will cut Friday's out of his work schedule.  You know, hope springs eternal, ha ha.  Friday's are very popular....I'd rather he cut out Monday ~ cue even bigger ha ha.

About a month ago (where does the time go????) I accidentally "returned" a book from the UNM library to our public library system.  When I called the library to ask them about it, they told me that it does happen, and they would eventually return the book to UNM.  I correctly assumed that when there was a large pile, they would deem it worth their time to drive them over to the university.  My UNM book is due on Monday, and I could renew it and just wait for them to gather enough books, but since I have other UNM books due, I figured I would stop by the public library and pick up the misplaced book.  What a pain in the ass, which could have been avoided if I had been paying attention.  Sheesh.

In the meantime, we needed to purchase another slow cooker, as Son #2 took the one we had been using before the move to Austin.  I did some research and found the one I wanted which was delivered yesterday.  Romeo said I received two packages, and I said that one would be the slow cooker.  Turns out that somehow, I managed to order 2 of the same thing.  I'll be returning the second one tomorrow ~ sheesh again.  I think it takes a special kind of ding dong to mistakenly order two of the same thing ~ on the same day.  

I still have 3 weeks before classes start.  I have really enjoyed the lack of reading, homework, test study, and paper writing.  Even better, this particular class does not require the purchase of a book, although that may mean I'll have plenty of articles to print from home.  Maybe I can sneak printing some of them at work.  I don't always pay attention to the ink levels on my aging ink jet printer, and the low ink status doesn't pop up until I want to print something.  

Tonight I am doing something I've never done ~ going to Paint Nite.  We're supposed to paint this:
Of course, I'm not a painter.

They apparently have painters at the event that help you.  We'll see!  

Have a wonderful weekend.  
Love, 365


  1. Oh my goodness you can paint that well? I couldn't do a stick tree of that gorgeous print. I want to see your final product, you know, so I can feel bad about myself. I have zero talent - at anything. I was hoping one day to find a talent but it never showed up. Dang it. I don't think being a curmudgeon is a talent....tee hee

    1. Ha ha....I doubt seriously that my final painting will look like that one, but I will show you the final product.
      I don't know, creative curmudgeon-ess might be considered a talent! Maybe we can help each other, lol. But seriously, I've seen the results of pain nite from people that couldn't draw anything, and they were pretty good! Before I recommend you go to one I'll let you know if it was as much fun as it looks.


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