February 9, 2019

The Good & Bad in all of us......

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I've been watching The Story of God with Morgan Freeman ~ it's a series on Netflix that Romeo stumbled on recently.  The second episode deals with evil, posing the question on whether or not evil exists.....which I found very interesting.  I immediately agreed that evil exists.  Don't we see it every day?  Mass shootings, serial killers, and of course the lesser evils that FB posts constantly of animal abuse and cruelty; included in this I place indifference ~ for example an elderly man trips and falls and no one approaches to help.  Interestingly, In Hiduism, it is believed that good and evil exists naturally as an integral part of creation itself.  Not all evil is attributed to man ~ it can be caused by demons, gods and deities (interesting distinction, I thought they were the same thing).  Buddists believe that we all live with the good and evil inside of all of us ~ a duality that must be fought daily.  

Morgan Freeman narrates The Story of God and does not limit himself to Christianity.  He travels the world to ask religious leaders and followers for answers to the question he poses at the beginning of each episode.  If nothing else, it is an education of the myriad of practices over the globe.  Some are recognizable (to Americans) and some are exotic, beautiful, or strange and incomprehensible.   Curiosity takes me to strange and wonderful places.   
I did hear back from our grad student instructor.  I thought she took the criticism rather well ~ she did say she appreciated the feedback, that she would be careful to explain in a "more linear way" and that class would become easier as we get further into it.   So, time will tell.  If I could though, I would switch to the Medieval traveler class.  Life is ever filled with disappointments and regrets....haha.

And now for some lighter thoughts.....

Have a wonderful weekend!
Love, 365


  1. I read a book once while recuperating from back surgery that sounds just like this Morgan Freeman series. I may need to check this out.
    Love the memes! And love is bacon. :-).

    1. Agreed.....nothing brings people running into the kitchen than bacon. :-)
      If you haven't tried baking it in the oven, I highly recommend (on parchment paper, makes clean up very easy).

  2. I'm very much not religious for so many reasons.
    I'll have to check out that series.

    I'm glad your email was received with as much good grace as possible. Hope things are going to be easier to follow in your class.

    1. I found the series very much history-like. You might enjoy it!

      Yes, she seemed to embrace my concerns. Time will tell if she makes sure to explain things so that we get where she's going though.

  3. I have been interested in that Morgan Freeman series and, since I value your opinion, I am going to make sure I check it out. Thanks for the details. I enjoyed the lighter thoughts. Much appreciated.

  4. Thank you for the lovely compliment....are you sure you've been reading this blog? haha

    Seriously though, the series was really interesting. Doesn't hurt that I really like Mr. Freeman either....

  5. I love this series and the 2nd season is coming back on March 5th



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