June 26, 2020

I wish we had an island for conspiracy theorists.......

I work with a far-right wing-conspiracy theorist: Ms. Loud.  I think she's loud because she wants to make sure we've heard her.  I've written about her before.  Nice, but fruitier than a nut cake.😮

Honestly, that woman never stops talking. And she is never ever wrong.

This is how I get most of my critical work done before lunch, because I hunker down and do my thing so I don't get dragged into the conversation.  By the afternoon I guess she's said all she needs to say,   One of my co-workers was telling me about a documentary she recommended which contained nearly every conspiracy theory known to man.  Well, it ought to, it's 11 hours long!  I'm gonna pass, thank you very much.

She wears a mask at work only when necessary, so when she comes up to me I put mine on.  When she's not at work she never wears one, even in stores.  Has vowed to leave a store that enforces the wearing of a mask ~ I thought they all required it, but as in most retail establishments, they are loath to kick out paying customers, so many don't enforce it.  She also attends one of those "mega churches" that opened up at the beginning of June.  No masks.  Not much social distancing.  Over a thousand people there for services.  If she manages to escape contracting the virus, I will be surprised.

I had mentioned before that one of our hygienists has been out of work for a month.  After all the tests she's had done, there's no real diagnosis.  A UTI, a sinus infection, an adjustment to her blood pressure medication.  It's obvious to me that she is scared to come back to work, but doesn't want to retire because then she'd have to be home with her husband all day.  Our OM (office manager) is giving her a deadline now for next week.  After which she will have to admit she can't do it anymore and retire or job share with one of our other hygienists who wants to retire, but will job share with her for a year and then retire.  It is a mess.  Hiring a temp is so expensive that the OM has had enough of that, and wants her to make a decision.  We will see how that goes. 

So as you can see there's enough drama at work, which probably explains why I can't stand reality tv. 

Picked another ripe tomato yesterday, and the plants are loaded!  Right now I eat them as soon as they are ripe enough to pick (of course, that's a stupid thing to write, huh) no sharing yet, but I will be handing out a few to others who shared with me in previous years.

My church is finally opening this week, and I am reserved for a spot.  So far there are only 4 of us signed up out of 44.  The service on Saturday has never been that heavily attended, there were times when I was the only person.  Sunday services won't start until July 5. 

With the slow re-opening of businesses I don't have much going on except for work and home!  I hope all of you enjoy your weekend⭐
Love, 365


  1. I am not one who can see the future but if anyone of us is paying attention this will not stop until every does what they need to do like Italy did. I went to the grocery store at my lunch break. You can only enter at one entrance. There is a person there to wipe down your cart and be sure you have a mask on. If no mask they call into their walky talky and a big man (mgr) comes out and won't permit them inside. I saw it all. the woman called him a MF. He said you can call me whatever you like, but leave or put on a mask, we have one for you here and he handed it to her. She slapped his hand and said FU and left. 2women applauded when she left. I just wanted to get inside away from these nuts. I don't get it. I just don't get it. If she wasn't wearing a shirt or shoes she can't go in either or if she got in she'd be asked to leave. It's not brain surgery so what is up with these simpletons?

    1. It's like Ms Loud. Yesterday I overheard her telling one of our patients (yep) how the virus is so mall that it's like "putting up a barb wire fence to keep out a mosquito". I turned to her and said the virus isn't all by itself, it is in the moisture of your breath, which IS stopped by the fabric (or whatever your face mask is made of). The proof of that is ~ when it's cold, your breath condenses in the cold from moisture. Did it make any difference? Nope. People believe what they want to believe. Mostly because American's are so unused to wearing masks. And some of them just plain don't want to.

  2. If there was such an island there would be a conspiracy theory about it.

    1. Yes, but then they could just drive each other crazy and I wouldn't have to deal with it! :-)

  3. I have no point of reference for that kind of behavior. There are people around here that would supply the popcorn for an 11 hour documentary on conspiracy theories:(

    1. Very true. I've never known anyone so quick to embrace any theory that supports their conservative right wing agenda. If it doesn't fit, it's ignored, no matter how logical it is. Maddening.


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