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September 11, 2013

Humiliated, humbled, home...

Well, I got lucky, and didn't get fired.  I do have a total of a week without pay, although 3 of these are actual work days, the other two are the loss of personal leave days.  As I thought I was going to be fired, I was happy enough to leave (I was whisked out before "other staff arrive"), and so I'm officially home w/o pay.  Small price, I'd say.

And so, here I am, working on writing apology letters.  It's be sincere on paper.  According to web sites I've visited, I will need to give a verbal apology as well.

I feel so betrayed, as I have a good idea who it was that spilled the beans, and it was someone that I thought of as a friend.  I guess he didn't feel the same.  However, its still my fault.  I shouldn't have written about work on my blog.  Did I really think that the lack of names and photos would mean anonymity?  I was naive and stupid.  I suppose it would have been better to post a naked photo of myself on Facebook.  Plus, more people would look at it, not necessarily because I'm in great shape, but its like a train wreck ~ you just gotta look.  Funny that now I have two reasons to dislike the date 9-11.

Well, now I'm going to get started on my anthropology paper ~ we are to write an op-ed piece on why or why not we should continue to use animals in biomedical testing.  Boy, this outa really cheer me up....



  1. I wasted a large portion of my day on Facebook arguing with a fucking moron.

    I'd rather look at naked photos. Ha.


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