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September 22, 2013

Trip to Abiquiu....

Courtesy of Bing images (all of them)
This doorway in her courtyard was painted many times...

Yesterday a good friend of mine and I drove to Abiquiu (pronounced ab-eh-que) to tour Georgia O'Keefe's home there.  We had planned this trip about a month ago, because you can't just drive up there and hope to get a ticket to go, they are always sold out (to out of state visitors mostly).  We met people from New York and Vermont, who were just thrilled to pay $45 dollars for what amounted to 1 1/2 hour tour of her home.  No photos allowed (which is why I had to go to Bing images for the photos).  The tour director was in front of us, giving us the history (which is really fascinating), and "security" was behind us to make sure we hadn't snuck a camera in, or touched anything.  It's cool, I understand that there might be someone who might try to take a "souvenir" ~ apparently Ms. O'Keefe liked to collect rocks, and as the home is frozen in time from her last stay there, if you were stealthy enough you might snag one but for the vigilance of "Juan".  

Her pantry.

Her laundry room, pantry and kitchen were interesting to view just to see appliances from the 1930's.  The jars in the top right of the photo were herbs she had stored for cooking.

The view from her bedroom.....beautiful.

We also drove to Ghost Ranch (which isn't too far from Abiquiu), which is a place I'm determined to visit again soon.  

During the long drive I was telling Cheryl my sad blog story, and she asked me "why a blog?  why not a diary?".  I found I couldn't explain to her the addiction that is blogging.  So I copped out by explaining that I've had many journals/diaries in my day, which gathered dust after a month or two.  How to explain to someone who doesn't really have a clue what a blog is, to why you enjoy it?  Hmmm.  I'll have to think about it.

Love, 365


  1. It looks like you had a wonderful time! Too bad you couldn't take any photos. I mean, if you can look up online photos and the entire place is frozen in time so nothing changes, I don't see why you can have your own personal photos of the experience.

  2. I know, right? I suppose it has something to do with the terms of the trust....which involves law...which is a totally alien world to me.

  3. I would love to have seen all that. :)

    Blogging is my big creative outlet, and I've never been able to keep a diary for more than a month. And yet here I am, coming up on...:::doing math::: nine years with the blog.

    I have to admit that people reading what I write and saying something about it is part of the draw for me. I don't want a big splashy blog where hundreds of people come and leave comments. I would hate that. But the way things are now? Love it.

    1. I agree completely. Sometimes you just want a little feedback or affirmation, ya know?


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