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September 23, 2013

The All-American Gluten Free Diet....what a scam (unless you have celiac's disease, of course).

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About 6 years ago I found out that my neighbor has Celiac disease (which if you don't know is the inability to digest the proteins in wheat, rye and barley ~ it's very painful) and had to give up bread, pasta and anything else with the aforementioned ingredients.  It's a real drag to those of us that really could live by bread alone ~ I'm one of those.  

Sourdough ~ one of my favorites

A few years ago I overheard an ad on the radio of a local restaurant (Italian) offering "traditional Italian dishes" without gluten.  Apparently the owner has Celiac's and met lots of other people with the same issue and decided that those with the disease deserve to have a nice meal out once in awhile.  Good idea.  My neighbor was so thrilled.

Mmmm, cinnamon rolls

In the manner of most things of this nature, now everyone is jumping the bandwagon of a gluten free diet.  I opened a package of deli ham this morning, and sure enough "Gluten Free!" is written in bold letters on the front.  As are lots of other foods, like rice.  I suppose if you don't have celiac's, but you want to eat gluten free, then our food manufacturers figure we're stupid enough that we need a label on it too.  

Now, I don't have a problem with whatever floats your boat, diet wise.  But people without the disease are saying crap like "I have so much more energy!  I feel so much better!  ~ It's so much healthier!"  Bullshit.  I suppose if you eat nothing but bread and cheese you would feel better if you cut back a little on the carb's.  But, the truth is, if you don't have celiac's disease, you don't need to eat a gluten free diet.  

It just bugs.

Love, 365

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  1. I decided to go to the beginning since I just found you recently. This post made me happy. You get it!! I wish I could clone you. If I didn't have to give up gluten(Celiac) I would never every omit this from my life. I'm Italian American. I can sit and eat mediterranean olives and Italian bread and just make that dinner, with wine of course. :-) So thank you for this. Those jumping on this band wagon have made it hard for those of us who need to eat this way to live. Those people make me get the eye rolls when out.


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