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September 28, 2013

Balloon Fiesta & Harvest Festival, coming soon!

Last year a couple of balloons drifted past my house....

One week from today begins the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta ~ where hundreds of balloons will be launched, tons of coffee & donuts will be consumed (along with breakfast burritos, yum!).  Albuquerque will be busy with lots of visitors, and driving will be a pain with distracted drivers, looking at balloons instead of the cars around them.   Driving to work will be a real pain in the ass for those unlucky enough to necessitate a drive past the balloon field to get to the office.  Still, it's an awesome sight.  The whole shebang starts on 10/5, and you can go here for a live cam of the balloon park.  Don't bother until the 5th because there's nothing to see at this point.

We'll also be attending the Harvest Festival at El Rancho De Las Golondrinas.

Volunteers will be demonstrating how people lived during Spanish Colonial times here in New Mexico.

Examples of arts and crafts....

Squeezing sugar cane for molasses....

It's a fun day to stroll around appreciating the fact that we live in more modern times, and at the same time realizing how much busier and simpler life was then.  

I am looking to upgrade my camera ~ I have two older Canon camera bodies (35mm film) and want to switch over to digital, and be able to use the lenses I have.  Oh, my point and shoot digital is OK, but I'd like to play with my lenses again (wide angle, telephoto) and all of the filters I have as well.  Not really wanting to spend a minimum of $800, which I don't have anyway, I'm renting a used Canon from a shop that I'll be using next week.  Hopefully I will have some awesome shots to post next week!

It's going to be a beautiful day, so I'm off to enjoy it...
Love, 365


  1. It looks wonderful. There's usually a Balloon race out near where my parent's live. i haven't seen one in ages.

    1. Our balloon fiesta is one of a kind! If you ever want to come, let me know & I'll put you and the Overlord up!


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