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December 7, 2013

Oh! Christmas shopping season's greetings!


Our Thanksgiving dinner was wonderful.  Just the three of us and my friend, Cheryl.  I was "thankful" (ha ha) that she brought the potato dish, because I don't eat them (I know) and never cook them.  My menfolk (husband and son) know that if they want me to pick up potatos at the store, I will do so, but they will have to cook a result, I never receive that request :-).  I intended to put up the tree on Friday, but ended up doing practically nothing ~ including working much on my paper. I was a little upset at myself for not accomplishing more....
~Sunday: put tree together and plug in to check lights. 
~Monday: dig out the tree skirt and put the tree topper on.
~Wednesday: dig out the garland and put that on.
***still haven't finished decorating the tree.  Hopefully will do that tonight!

Why I don't like winter (other than snow).

-The potty seat is cold.
-Wearing sweaters, coats, scarves.
-The car warms up right about the time you arrive at your destination.
-The utility bill.
-Christmas shopping.
-Getting up at 5:30 to be at work at 6:45 when it's icy and cold.  

We did have about 6 inches of snow makes the season seem more, I don't know, Christmasy?  

Today is going to be busy, have to grocery shop, and I'm playing in a racquetball tournament, so I better get off my butt and get ready.  If you saw what my hair looked like at this moment, you'd probably scream.

Love, 365  


  1. I get up at 5 to be at work at 6:15. And no matter how long I do it, no matter how much I love my job (and I do) I will NEVER love 5 AM. Never.

    And I hate cold. I hate snow.
    Bah Humbug.

    Your hair looks fine to me.

  2. PS.. could you consider moderating comments instead of making me try to read those damn 'prove you're not a robot' things? I had to recycle it a few times and then still got it wrong twice. And I'm NOT a robot. At least I don't think I am...

    1. I think I changed it! I can bake a mean cookie, but understanding all the settings, not so much......


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