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December 29, 2013


Felt like I was in the middle of one of these......

During my teens, I began to have migraine headaches that often made me feel nauseated.   Usually I would sleep them off, after being sick.  I didn't have them often ~ maybe 4 to 6 times a year, but I did visit a Dr, who referred me to a neurologist, who did scans of my brain ~ and didn't find anything (well, I believe my brain was actually present, ha ha).  I always attributed them to hormones.  Since my breast cancer, I have been taking a hormone suppressor, since my tumor relied on estrogen to grow ~ which reduced the number of migranes I'd been having.  I must say, I was happy to leave off on the few migranes I'd been having!  But, now I seem to have vertigo episodes, and lately they've been following exersizing. One happened while taking a yoga class, one when I was learning how to use the foam rollers at the gym for stretching.   The latest was yesterday, following a personal training session.  

Apparently, it's related to motion sickness ~ something I've always had.  Once I got sick in a rowboat on the lake (which is totally ridiculous).  When we drive up the mountain to hike Sandia Peak, I have to drive.  Roller coasters, or other rides at a carnival or theme park?  Forget about it ~ I don't even try.  The one and only time we had the opportunity to go to Disney Land, I let my husband talk me into a ride, which was a mistake.  We had to leave about 15 min later, or I was going to puke all over Mickey.  

I usually take a dose of meclizine to prevent being sick on airplanes (which has worked smashingly, as I haven't been airsick in a long time), but now I'm wondering if I need to take it before I go to the gym.  Or, let my trainer know before we start the next (& last) session.  Let me state for the record, I was excited about the 3 sessions I signed up for until yesterday.....

I suppose I should visit the Dr about checking out this issue, but I may visit my acupuncturist instead.  Maybe she can help, and I really hate taking meds.  Well, gotta go.  Sorry for the whine.....  :-)

Love, 365


  1. Migraines SUCK. I hope you get it figured out and end up being able to continue with the exercise etc...

    1. Well, turns out the problem is motion sickness, caused by head & eye movements that make me nauseous, so I either do a different exercize or make sure I don't roll my eyes around (ha ha).

  2. MY WIFE gets migraines and they SUCK. I'm sorry to hear about the dizziness. I either never get dizzy or am so dizzy all the time that I don't notice it.

    1. You're right, migraines suck the big one.
      As far as dizziness goes, I suppose that's why your hat is so appropriate! I'm sorry to hear your WIFE gets them too. They are just so horribly debilitating ~ I truly have to sleep them off.


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