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January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!

(Happily "lifted" from somewhere on the internet)

~It feels like Sunday.....I'm in my pajamas and robe, I've got a nice hot mug of coffee in front of me and I'm blogging.  Like I said, it just feels like a Sunday!

~I've been jotting down the dates, times, building #, professor names for my upcoming classes.  Last semester was easy....I had one class, & she didn't give us tests (writing isn't the same, but still isn't "easy", at least not for me).  On January 7th I start my Statistics & Probabilities class, and the week of Jan. 20th I begin my online class - Forensic Anthropology.  Cooool!  I have wanted to take this class for years, but CNM only offers it during the day & during the week, so I couldn't take it due to work.  So, to recap: one class I dread & wonder if I'll pull out my hair before it's over, and one class I'm excited to take.   College as an adult is truly a wake up call...part of me wishes I had done this in my 20's, but I know I wouldn't have taken it as seriously as I do now.  Did I mention I made an A in my last anthropology class?  Felt great.....

~I mentioned that I was going to make some resolutions for this year.  Here it is:

I resolve to be fearless and courageous.

 On that note, I must follow up on my last post & admit I haven't gone to the gym and followed the workout that the trainer gave me yet.  Today I'm playing racquetball, so I won't be doing it today, but I'm off tomorrow, and will be going, along with all of the resolutionists that will likely be there.  It's funny ~ there's always a large group at the gym beginning Jan. 1st.  Some last a few weeks, while others stick it out for a couple of months.  Only a few will be regulars, having worked through the soreness and pain, to find that they enjoy working out 3 to 4 times a week.  Those that achieve this mind set discover that they sleep better, have a more positive mind set, and have fewer aches and pains (once they get past the soreness issue).   It's been proven time and time again that physical activity (and I don't mean cleaning house, although it can be a workout!) makes people feel better mentally and physically.  The secret is not a gym membership....just plain old walking works too.  In my case, I want to improve my upper body strength as well, as women typically become weaker as they age, and I want to be able to open my own jars!

Love, 365

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