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February 22, 2014

Ahhh, it's the weekend!

Couldn't get rid of the reflections, but a cool poster

First the sad news (my sad news, anyway) ~ I really blew my test, and ended up with a 72.  On the plus side, it's passing, but I had hoped for a B.  Waaahhhh....
Ami, I guess it's not possible to bribe yourself, although I did my best.  Unfortunately my best in statistics isn't very good.

We have been having wonderful weather, all sunny and warm.  Feels like spring, and we haven't had a lot of wind (yet).  I'm considering getting a pedicure and wearing my sandals this weekend.  I feel for you guys who are experiencing the record breaking snowfall and cold, icy weather.  It is horribly dry and dusty out west, and many of us are having allergy issues.  At work it sounds like a TB ward with all the coughing & whatnot.

On tap for the weekend: painting!  I am (at last) going to start on the master bath remodel project. I am sort of starting with the easiest change - paint.  I still need to find a new sink, figure out if I'm going to refinish the existing crappy cabinets or consider replacing them, and find a new counter top.  I just don't want tile, and granite is too expensive, although I haven't had a quote yet.  I might go with a nice laminate.  At least there won't be grout lines to clean.  I do also hope to replace the door with a pocket door.  That bathroom is so small, having a pocket door would actually make the room seem more spacious....a friend of mine does small remodel projects, so I'm going to get an estimate on what it would cost.  

Our local news reports are filled with fire danger alerts, and we've already had a few, mostly in the bosque (a group of trees near a river ~ in this case the Rio Grande, which isn't so grande these days).  We don't live in a wooded area, but we do live in the foothills of the Sandia Mountains, which is filled with dead trees and pines.  There hasn't been a fire near us since we've lived here, but this year it seems like it's a ticking bomb, waiting to go off.  We are all hoping for some rain......

Love, 365

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