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February 9, 2014

Today I'm

Chaco Canyon, NM  

Speaking of crap (OK, we weren't), my boss has a small sticky notepad that has CRAP right on the top.  Then, so that you might further refine the crap there are six boxes for you to check that say things like, boring crap, useless crap, crappy crap and so on, well here's a picture.  (especially love the "cut the crap" at the bottom)

Then there's this one....

You can find these at:Knock Knock

They even have one that gives the ol one finger salute (although I think it would be exceedingly bad to use that one at work), and the usual OMG, WTF, and another fav of mine: Seriously?.  

I am studying for my Statistics test (or exam, but I like test better - exam sounds so horribly ominous) which is on Tuesday.  I promised myself that if I can make an A on the exam, I will go out over the weekend and purchase a new purse.  I've been looking for awhile (a year, but in my defense, I'm extremely picky), and the deal is that I will buy it even if it costs more than I want to spend. It's a treat, a reward for work done well.....and a little bit of a bribe.  Can you bribe yourself?  I guess I'll find out.....

We have had some really weird weather.  50's one day, then snow for the next two, and then mid 50's again.  Of course, we are horribly dry, and we always celebrate when there is rain or snow.  How about you?  

Have a great week...Love, 365    


  1. I don't know if you can bribe yourself, I haven't ever paid attention to what motivates me. ;)

    Good luck with the test. I decided a long time ago that I am a poor school student. I don't like being regimented, told what to learn, and I especially hate meaningless facts.

    I love to learn, however, and am constantly doing so. I share with 'my' kids all the time what I learned that day. They've started doing likewise.

    1. Thank you, Ami! It's always nice when I get a comment......
      I would imagine that working with kids would be demanding and rewarding (from what I've read on your blog). I don't have the patience for it, although I love kids ~ I could only handle 2 at a time (which is why I had my tubes all tied up after the second). You're an angel, girl.....


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