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February 2, 2014

7 things about me......

The road less well traveled.......

1) I am not a morning person.  This is not to say that I sleep all morning.  I get up fairly early on the weekend (6:30 ~ 7:30 or so).  Actually when I think about it I guess I would put myself in the category of "mid-afternoon person" when I'm really hitting my stride....ha ha

2) I'm a "seat of the pants" kind of girl.  I have abandoned my previous uptight, organizer & planner personality with glee.   And I love it, although it horrifies many of my friends.

3) I find myself avoiding contact with angry, confrontational, (and irritating) people.  Life is just too short, ya know?  

4) I enjoy all types of music except: opera and twangy country music.

5) Although I enjoy both cats and dogs, I prefer dogs.  They're happy and goofy and require that I get off my ass and take them for walks.

6) I wish I could speak/read another language, but so far can only say a few things in Spanish, like "Hola (hello), adios (good by), & la mierda del toro (bull shit).  Ok, I actually know a few more, but I didn't want to bore you with it.

7) I love my family!  They are supportive and funny and frustratiting at times....but they're mine, and I am theirs.  

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