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March 17, 2014

Hoppity hop hop hop hop....

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Easter is my favorite religious holiday.
Yes, I realize it represents that our Lord died for our sins and was resurrected.
My favorite part is the candy.

Believe it or not, my Mom made my sister and I Easter baskets until we 
had our own kids!  Then, she made them for her Grandkids....

Although my parents never gave us baby chicks (dyed pink or purple)
Or baby ducks (they are awfully cute)
My neighbors did get a baby duck that grew into a fun pet in their backyard...
Until our dachsund got out of our yard &
promptly ran over and killed the duck that he used to "play" with through the fence.

I know they are pure sugar..
I do love peeps.

We dyed eggs for hiding
And tried not to peek where Mom and Dad were putting them.

There were always plenty of jelly beans
Sometimes they would get lost in the basket grass
So once eveything else was gone, you could go on a treasure hunt.

Although Easter is over a month away
The grocery stores are completely stocked with every kind of confection
Tempting me to buy some and stash it somewhere.
Or eat some.
***We are already short a box of peeps****

Love, 365


  1. I worked for Russell Stover a long time ago. One of the areas I worked was in the Easter Basket room. You know how you dig through the grass, hoping for one or two more bites?

    I'm pretty sure I made a LOT of children happy. Those baskets are randomly weighed, of course, but I am confident at least a few made it through and ended up in stores. :)

    1. My Mom always puchased all the components and put the baskets together herself, so there was always lots of extra in the bottom of the basket. For her part of the fun was being creative.
      ***If I had worked for Russell Stover, I would have been fired for eating the product! :-)


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