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March 7, 2014

Why Cosmopolitan Magazine is irrelevant to my life....

Photos from the April issue.......
I was never this skinny after age 10.....

Well.....our office subscribes to a number of magazines (only we donate our old ones to the gym, and keep new ones in the waiting room, which is definately not normal).  Every now and then we get some rather odd mixes, like "Trailer Life" ~ which is about travel trailers, not the mobile homes you see here and there.  Last month we received a Cosmo.  I haven't read one in years, so decided to have a look through it during lunch this week.
The stories included: 
~brazilian waxing - not something I've ever done or would want to, mainly because I've heard it's extremely painful - also kinda stupid looking.  You see?  That last comment puts me into the "old fogey" category.  Just what I'm talking about.
~How about this headline: The pro's and con's of him coming on your face as a sort of "facial".  Umm, no.  Make that HELL no.  
~"Dry shampoo will change your life"  Really?  There's a video of a woman demonstrating the life changing aspects of using dry shampoo.  The only difference I noticed at the end of the video, was that her hair looked messy.  Easy.  Just don't do anything to your hair in the morning.  I certainly don't need to purchase something that sort of does the same thing.  Sheesh, were we born yesterday?
~5 ways to fake amazing bone structure.  Hey, if God meant for you to have it you would.  Using makeup to "fake" bone structure (which just looks like a lot of makeup to me), isn't going to fool anyone.  Over do it, and you look like your getting ready for Halloween.  Besides, I don't want Kate Moss cheekbones.  Mine are fine, thank you very much.
~Things men don't want to talk about.  Obviously, the women interested in this article just simply aren't paying attention!!  I knew all that stuff when I was 10, from paying attention to how my parents communicated (not to say they would talk about penis's and such, though, just to make that clear).
~Celebrity stuff - what they wear, what they say, how they do makeup, etc.  Who cares?  I've never understood celebrity fascination.  They sometimes put their underwear on inside out too.  And have zits, cellulite, under eye bags, etc.  If you saw the Today show last week (?) they demonstrated how photos are retouched, to where you almost don't recognize the original.  Hmmm.

There are soooo many other things I could rant about, but I'm tired.  It's late.  It's Friday, and I'm ready to go to bed and read for awhile.  

Love, 365

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