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February 14, 2016

Love is in the air......

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Tomorrow the Valentine's Day candy will go on sale......

Romeo and I have been married for a good long time.   We have (& are) weathering the ups and downs that everyone experiences, and we are still together....still say "I love you" every morning & night.  

Early on, he would buy me flowers.....sometimes candy too......and although I appreciated the thought behind it, I finally told him to stop.  I recall a beautiful arrangement that cost him over $70 (I saw it on the bank statement), and decided right then and there that this craziness has got to stop.  Especially when said flowers were droopy and sad looking 4 days later, only to be tossed out after 5.  

He still buys me flowers ~ cute little bouquets from the grocery store that run about $5 or so.  It's still the thought that counts, and it shows that he is thinking of me when he buys them!  

Tomorrow I'm buying us a little box of candy....

Love, 365

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