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February 12, 2016

Sometimes its best to just stop it.....

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Have you every had a friend that you try to hang on to, but you end up being the one that does allllll the work?  You know....if you didn't call months would go by & you don't hear from them?  I suppose everyone has a friend or two like that, and are perfectly happy with the way things are.  

However, I have decided to weed out a few people that just never make any effort to keep in touch. 

This is something I've been thinking about since last Monday, because *Sheila* didn't call me back on Sunday.  And our friendship is exactly how I describe it in the first paragraph.  She is a truly nice and likeable person.  However, if someone says "I'll call you on Sunday", and then doesn't, and it's not a surprise, then I think it's time to let go.  And spend more time with the friends that actually call you back, and sometimes go to lunch with you.  Because when she didn't call me, I began to wonder if there was something wrong with me, until I figured out it isn't me at all.  And I'm tired of making excuses for her.  

This one is similar to a post on Facebook I noticed lately, and it really resonated.  I no longer wish to chase someone down who can't find 10 minutes to call.  I'm done with that.  Since then, I've been contacted by one person who wants to get together, and we've set up a day & time to have a drink, shoot the breeze.  And today I ran into *Linda* and said, hey I've been thinking about you, and we should get together soon, and she agreed.  

I suppose I should have figured all of this out long ago, but I am stubborn, and refuse to give up on people.....although now I realize it wasn't as good for me as I thought.  Letting go is rather exhilirating.

Love, 365

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