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February 6, 2016

Because the world is not depressing enough..

Text I'm using in my Anthropology class this semester.

Have you ever wondered what living in a town crawling not only with drug pushers, but also with the abusers that sometimes die from using, or are killed by the pushers?  No?  Well, I get it.  I am about halfway through the book.  I had to put it down and take a break.  There's only so much heartbreak I can handle on a sunny ~ but cold ~ afternoon.  

Last Monday we reviewed how historical trauma to a group (example: the Holocaust) can affect an entire group of people for generations.  Fun times.

Although I was originally excited about this class, my enthusiasm has waned.  Funny, but I was much more interested in evolutionary medicine ~ which explores the possible ways our current disease culture is influenced by our lack of exercise and unlimited amounts of unhealthy food available to us has increased out disease levels to alarming highs.  Even a class like that one was more uplifting than my current class on "health in New Mexico".  Only 13 more weeks to go.  humph

=wherein the author of this blog attempts to be a little more lighthearted=

Of course he looks happy, he's half in the bag....but not bad for 107.

Dang, that's pretty cute.

 Mommy love...

Unrequited love, just in time for Valentines Day.

Want to see more?  Go here.

Love, 365

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