June 12, 2016

Research brings out my ADD......

Thanks, Albert....

I suppose Einstein got it because.......wait for it.........he was one smart cookie.  

Oh, did you guess that I'm on summer research?  ha ha   This will be my last individual study course with Prof. Stewart, so I gotta pull some rabbits out.  I've already found a few.  But if you think for one stinking minute that I want to rewrite that damn paper and stick in some new data, you're mistaken.  I really really don't want to rewrite the paper.  Two is relatively reasonable, going past that is just plain cockamamie.

However, I will have to.  Which means that I must again go through and re-organize and polish up some of the stuff I currently have in there.  Prof. Stewart is a writer (he has written 3 or 4 books already) so he is rather stiff with praise and generous with criticism.  I suppose I should be glad that he's a stickler, so he doesn't let me off with some stupid piece of crap that a later Prof. will look at and think "what the hell".  

Romeo has been complaining about the homework/study workload in his ONE class.....so I snicker about it behind his back.  

He does have an interview with a charter school on Tuesday.  I am hoping it goes well.  Mama needs some frackin' insurance.  This fall I have some routine tests I will need done, and some other medical appointments I am putting off until I'm covered.  My gynecologist office said I could make payments, but what if they find something?  I might as well wait, although I know that's a really dumb ass statement.  Still.........

Well, gotta go and organize thoughts and data.  Have a great week!

Love, 365

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