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June 26, 2016 we go.......

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Week in review:
~I am (once again) accepted into the anthropology honors program at UNM.
~I have (once again) discovered that I can't take the class ~ that would make me eligible to graduate suma cum laude ~ because of the time of day the class is held.  My coworkers were unable to help me make it happen.  I understand - it's a lot to ask.  But I won't say I'm not disappointed.

Now I have to decide if I want to wage a campaign to "encourage" the powers that be that honors classes should be available to everyone.  I am planning on writing to the head of the department, but really, that's probably as far as I will go.  I'm not a big fan of banging my head on a wall repeatedly.  

Then I had to explain to one of my coworkers why it's not financially feasible to quit UNM and go to an online college for my degree.  (Long story short, you must have a certain amount of credit hours with the college before they will issue you a degree.  For example, it's 92 hours at UNM.  Typical # of credit hours for a typical class ~ 3.  That's around 10 classes.  Cost of a typical 3 credit hour class is over $800)  I still don't know if she gets it.

Ha ha...

Otherwise, all is going well, Romeo is working on his class and will begin teaching in August, when the charter school begins the school year.  
It's summer, and I can happily run around in tee shirts, shorts and flip flops all I want.
I have a few vacation days coming up next week, and Romeo and I are planning a few days in Santa Fe, including spending the night at La Fonda ~ a really nice hotel that I've always wanted to stay in.
Did I mention it's summer?

Have a wonderful week...
Love, 365


  1. I think I'd write it up and publicize it as much as I could. I guess it depends on how important it is to you, though.
    I really hate educrats.

    1. Well, I'm going to write it over the 4th and publish it here for helpful comments & suggestions. It will have to be good to get their attention, but it can't be too snarky or they'll just ignore it...and as much as I'd like to smack them over the head with it, I think that might be the wrong way to approach it.


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