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June 11, 2016

The bloom is off the rose.........

Letting go, Facebook style.....

Recently my eldest let me know that he and his wife were having some problems...rather serious ones.  Then he let me know he was moving into an apartment.  Then this past weekend I was scrolling though Facebook and noticed a thinly veiled rant against my son by his wife.  My first thought was how I could respond, but realized quickly that I should stay out of it.  I also didn't want to see anymore of these nasty rants ~ after all, I'm only human, and could be swayed to engage.  Bad, bad idea.  So I texted my son to let him know that I intended to "unfriend" her on Facebook and why.  He understood, and agreed that it was for the best.  

It wasn't an easy thing to do....but I told myself that if they do work things out, I could simply "friend" her again.  I doubt this will happen.  And truthfully she was always throwing out long bible passages to promote whatever message she wanted to spread.  And although I don't have anything against religion, I have always felt that Facebook isn't really the place for that type of rant anyway.  Funny, because based on the crap I see on Facebook, I suppose there is no holding back....people post their workouts, sleep patterns, crazy cat videos, etc.  So, I suppose that religion might as well be in the mix too.

I receive friend requests all the time ~ doesn't mean I accept any of them.  I'm sure anyone who has been on Facebook for awhile would agree that they sometimes have a friend request, and you have no idea where it came from.  I usually investigate a little bit (in case it is the friend of a friend, or perhaps someone I'm related to ~ Mom has a really large family), and if they aren't from a geographic area I live or lived in, or we don't share any friends, I just delete the request.

Last week I had a friend request from a cousin, and I quickly accepted it, which I shouldn't have because it turns out her account was hacked.  This became obvious quickly when I began receiving Messenger requests and that involve money.  Yeah.  So, I just as quickly reported it to Facebook & unfriended them.  So, oddly enough I "unfriended" two people in one week.   Worse, I realized she was already one of my "friends", so I should have checked before accepting it.  What can I say?  I was at work and just goofing off.

Does anyone simply use Facebook to keep in touch and share family photos anymore?  I'm not so sure.  Social media has a lot more power these days.  I just skip the ones I don't want to read....the whole point of choice.

Love, 365


  1. I have a love/hate relationship with FB. I have worked to lock down my profile etc, I don't need people from work seeing what I say or do on my off time. I don't need parents of my kids checking up on me, either.

    I'm sorry about your son's relationship. It must be hard to stay out of things like that, I know it would be very difficult for me.

    1. It is....I spoke to him today, and it sounds like the divorce will be over pretty soon.
      ~She had borrowed a rather expensive calculator from me for a statistics class, and I remembered it a few weeks ago (its been a year) and apparently when he asked for it, it sparked a fight over "what did you tell your family???" which if she knew him at all, she would have never asked. Sad, really sad. And of course their son is autistic and change is never good for those on the spectrum. She also has 4 other kids, and he misses them too.
      ~It's not too hard for me to stay out of it as they live in Austin, which is a fair distance from Albuquerque. But I really miss not being able to establish a routine relationship with my grandson.


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