September 9, 2019

Adventures in baking........

Freshly baked this morning.....roasted garlic & rosemary sourdough.

We waited the obligatory hour to slice the bread ~ something Romeo finds irritatingly difficult. :-)
It was really delicious when your bite had a bit of the roasted garlic in it, but I was a tad disappointed to not get much flavor out of the rosemary.  Which I love.  Maybe I need to put in more next time.  

This recipe was from the cookbook I ordered ~ Artisan Sourdough Made Simple, by Emilie Raffa.  And I just discovered that if any of you readers are interested, you can download it by pdf here...
I am not sorry that I bought the cookbook though.  The pictures inside help with techniques (obviously I need more practice scoring).  It could be that the pdf contains photos and everything.  I didn't download it because I don't need too.  Haha

The next recipe I want to try is the chocolate chip loaf.  Which the author loves.  

If you do want to try this type of baking ~ which is ultra easy, I must say ~ there are a few things you don't need for your first attempt.  You don't need a banneton, (also called a proofing basket).  You just need a bowl and a towel that you don't mind getting flour all over it.  A sharp knife will work instead of the lame (a razor blade in a holder, and there are plenty of cheap alternatives).  

What you absolutely need is a good size cast iron dutch oven.  Parchment paper.  Sourdough starter which is easily purchased from King Arthur flour (unless you want to make it yourself, which I never had any luck with), and a good quality bread flour.  There ya go.  

The roof is completed!  Romeo and I scrambled up the spanish tiles that are part of the roof to look at it this morning.  I was unimpressed, but Romeo was happy.  I was also surprised at how many of my neighbors haven't taken the plunge.  These homes are about 25 years old.  The tar paper and stone the original roof are made of have come to the end of their lifespans.  I was kind of surprised that roofing companies don't do those types of roofs anymore.  But, hey, what do I know of roofing?  

In a little less than 2 weeks I take of for Texas to visit family and this little guy:

Cute as a button!  He has grown so much! 

Love, 365


  1. I enjoy cooking, well grilling and breakfast and stuff, but baking takes too much precision for me, it requires a higher skill level.

    1. I bet you would be surprised, but not everyone wants to take that plunge. But I don't agree about skill, really. I suppose it is more with the desire to do it. We all have our specialties!

  2. I LOVE sourdough bread. Always have. My Aunt Jeanne had a starter on her counter all the time, and every time I visited, she was baking bread.

    And that little guy is totally adorable. Have a wonderful time visiting!

    1. He is a cutie, isn't he? I was supposed to get there when he was 4 weeks old, but he came two weeks early and then I had to postpone my trip as my brother-in-law fell off a ladder and broke his leg (rather badly as it turned out). By the time I arrive he will be a bit over 2 months. But I can't wait!

  3. Congrats on the bread and the roof. The bread looks and sounds delicious. I look forward to loading up on bread and carbs next month. Take care and enjoy that upcoming trip.


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