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August 27, 2014

Green chile days & the NM State Fair...

I do love the art exhibit and all, but I really love to go for the green chile corn dogs that you can only get at the fair!  (Courtesy Bing Images)

This Saturday, we will be making our annual trip to Wagner's to pick out a bushel of green chile from Hatch, New Mexico!  After choosing our chile's, they take them around the side of the building to the roasting bins (see below). 

There are flames below, and the chiles spin around, roasting as they go.  In Albuquerque, nothing says fall like the smell of roasting chile.  After this step, you have to take them home and bag them for freezing ~ the  not so fun part.  In our house, a bushel is enough to last us the whole year....but there are some people who have twice or even three times as much chile put away in their freezers.  These are the folks who cook huge batches of green chile stew, enchiladas, rellenos (stuffed green chile that is usually deep fried, stuffed with cheese & ground beef, or just cheese).  Probably because when Grandma cooks on Sunday the entire extended family comes over for dinner.  I would too, if invited!

In about 2 weeks, the state fair begins.  Usually accompanied by rainy afternoons, which is ironically typical in a place that averages about 9 inches per year ~ we seem to always be able to count on it during the fair.  No matter, because I usually only go to eat green chile corn dogs (corn dogs with green chile in the batter), which I haven't found anywhere else.  I suppose I should ask if they sell any other places, but they are kind of greasy, and fattening, so once a year is probably best!  

Well, I have one more day of work this week, then I'm off for 4 days, thanks to Labor Day.  My co-worker has been on vacation this week, so I'm desperately trying to keep up as best as I can.  

Have a wonderful holiday!
Love, 365

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