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August 11, 2014

Buy it or make it???????

Courtesy of Bing Images......yum

****Meal time has taken a strange turn here at home.  Romeo and I have been married for over 30 years, and for 98% of that time, I've been the main cook.  If Romeo cooked, it was hot dogs and beans, and occassionally a pizza, or frozen entree.  Now, he's cruising Food Network, and constantly interrupts me while I'm reading, or watching a movie, etc.  "Look at this recipe!  It looks great!", while I'm rolling my eyes and trying not to be a bitch.  It's hard...ya know?

The thing is, he gets home at least an hour or two before I do.  So, he has been starting dinner, which is nice.  I don't mind.  My favorite thing is baking anyway!  But, some of his "experiments" haven't been embraced by all, shall we say.  Some of these sit in the fridge as leftovers until one of us sneaks it out to the trash.  

I'm the child of Yankees, ya'll!  (OK, so I grew up in Texas....).  I hate waste.  And we've been throwing out way too much uneaten food.  I suppose this is the reason he's been looking for recipes.  I even made him download an app called Recipe Box.  Which I already have.  So now we can share and produce shopping lists, which is pretty cool.

So, this morning I decided to make tapioca pudding for our dessert tonight.  Oh, sure, I've seen it in the store....I don't really like the idea of pudding that isn't sold in the refrigerator section (what kind of chemicals are in there?) and I've seen the pre-made that is refrigerated, but still.  Does it just have milk, egg, sugar, vanilla and tapioca?  Probably not.  15 min later of constant stirring reminds me why most people buy it.  But I'm sure it will be delicious.

Made in America.....the series, ha ha

I bet you're wondering what these are....
Cabinet handles?
Buttons? (although I admit this is a stretch)
No, these are toilet handles.  Flush handles.  Hmmmm.
Well, I did say I was going to highlight American made products, so here you go.   And just in case you can't picture it, have a look....

It is cute!

Have a great Monday, everyone!  Love, 365

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