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August 3, 2014

Soapbox, literally

You can buy this soap here

Do you buy American products when possible?  I do, but it is difficult.  Some things are harder to find than some (like dinnerware ~ ceramics).  I have found some dishes that I've purchased.....they are from Italy.  However, I want to highlight an American product every week for a bit.  Today's subject: soap.

I loved this website, they have some unique and wonderful products.
Oh, and they also sell vintage looking wedding dresses, too.  Interesting.

My class ~ Evolutionary Medicine ~ will begin in 2 weeks.  I discovered last week that there is no book to purchase, so the professor (Dr. Jack Baker) must be going to assign all of the reading material.  I have had one other anthropology class that didn't require a book either.  I like this trend!  In Human Evolutionary Ecology we didn't have a book, but we were given tons of reading material.  You could print it up, but I decided to start saving them as a pdf file that I could read on my computer and my i-pad (in i-books).  Just the one class shouldn't be too much to keep up with!

Iron Age bones in Denmark.  
Bizarre finding of pelvic bones threaded through a stick.

We have been enjoying a wonderful weather weekend!  The temp's have dropped to the low 80's, and we have had lots of rain.  The desert is greening up!  Romeo and I took the dogs for a nice long walk yesterday.  It is amazing how quickly the desert blooms and becomes green following a bit of moisture.  It will be short lived, though....we're due to have 90+ beginning on Wed.  Fall will be here before you know favorite season.

Have a great week!  Love, 365

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  1. I wonder if Rosie is also part Lab and part greyhound. definitely Lab. and something else that is skinny and fast (whippet?). (this is, of course, in response to your message on my blog.) i'll write more specifics about her training later.


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