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January 31, 2016

We had a great game today.....

Nope, I'm not that good, lol (Bing images)

Sunday mornings we have an informal get together and play racquetball....sometimes there are 3 of us, and other times there are 6.  Not matter how many we have, we find a way to play.

(Bing images)

And yeah, sometimes we play with the guys who show up on Sunday too.  Which will really get your adrenaline going, because it's a bit scary, what with how hard they hit the ball.  We don't usually play singles, but doubles, so sometimes the court feels a little bit crowded.  We bump into each other, and come close to clocking someone if they get to close.  As we all play together fairly frequently, we are pretty good about holding back and playing the point over if we feel we might hit someone whether it be with racquet or ball.  The ball bruises are pretty hideous, as you see below.

I've never had one that was this bad.  The ball was traveling pretty fast! (Bing images)

The worst part about getting these bruises is that they take quite awhile to completely go away, and even then you might still see a faint discoloration months later.  

It occurs to me that this might turn off a few of you to the game, but it truly doesn't happen very often ~ except at tournaments.  I rarely play tournaments, simply because they are incredibly time consuming and I don't usually have that available.

Love, 365

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