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July 2, 2016

Wimbeldon, Santa Fe, and why I'm so freaking far behind on my chores....

This photo was taken just outside the Santa Fe Convention Center.
Fishy Garden.

Romeo and I went to Santa Fe & stayed the nite in a nice hotel near the city square.....we had lots of nice walks, and saw parts of Santa Fe we were unfamiliar with ~ like the area pictured above.  I was charmed & wanted to do something really silly, but Romeo wasn't really into it.  I wanted to ride the fish.  Next time I'll take a cowboy hat and do that.....

We stayed at the Inn at Loretto ~ very nice touch on the kiva fireplace even if it can't be used.
View from our balcony.

It was funny that the front desk staff mentioned that we've been "upgraded" to include a balcony.  I was (& still am) wondering if they do that to eveyone who walks in.  We were there on a Thursday night, which wasn't terribly busy, so perhaps that is why.  I still think it's just a marketing ploy to make us feel better/special.  

Crab cake appetizer at Geronimo's in Santa Fe.
It was OMG fabulous, as was all of the food ~ and the service was incredible. 

Novak lost in the opening games at Wimbledon....holy cow.

I didn't get a chance to watch all of the game between Djokovic and Querrey, only bits and pieces.  Just goes to show you that the #41 men's player can have a very good day and beat the world #1 player.  Never give up!  Right now I'm watching the Tsonga~Isner match.  It's very close right now....I would love to see Isner win!


We didn't sleep very well in Santa Fe ~ I attribute that to their noisy air conditioner, and the occasional door slam from neighbors.  When we arrived home yesterday, I was tired and unmotivated to unpack and put things away.  I even took a short nap, which I rarely do.  I have so much to do, it's interfering with my enjoyment of watching Wimbledon.  I really need to go to Costco and do some shopping, but I keep telling myself that I should wait a little longer to go since it's probably at it's busiest right about now.  

In fact, I need to stop now and check the clothes in the dryer.  
Love, 365

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