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November 14, 2016

Anatomy of a marriage, by bed size......

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     When Romeo and I were first living together, we had a lovely apartment.  I have truly fond memories of the pocket doors that separated the living room and "den", the wonderfully large kitchen with a dutch door (! I really did have one!) and a built in secretary desk.  We were living on very little money.  I think that we brought home a little over $900 for the entire month.  I don't recall how much our rent was probably around $300.  Obviously a long time ago, huh?  Yeah.  Well, we didn't have the money to buy a bed, and all I had was a twin from home.  So, for about a year, we slept on that stupid, tiny twin bed.  Needless to say, sleeping positions were limited to two.  Right or left.  Neither of us could sleep on our backs!  I don't recall hating it, but that was probably because we were just learning about each other, and very much in love.  

     Our next move was to Oregon, where we lived for awhile with Romeo's Dad, but luckily that didn't last more than a few months.  I recall that apartment as well, but not with as much enjoyment.  It was a one bedroom apartment with carpeting in the kitchen, for heaven's sake.  Who puts carpeting in the kitchen?  I ruined it though, by spilling the can that I stored cooking grease all over it.  This time though, we purchased a water bed, which was full size.  Waterbeds were all the rage back then, but the one we had wasn't baffled, so it was annoyingly like sleeping on a small boat in the ocean.  And it was cold.  When we moved to a house we rented, we did take it with us, but didn't put it in the bedroom upstairs, because we were worried it would be too heavy.  Thus began about a three to four month period of sleeping on sleeping bags.  Ugh.  Truthfully, we probably should have just set it up in the huge dining room and slept downstairs, especially considering we didn't have a dining room set anyway.  Then, Romeo's Dad came through with full sized mattress, which we loved.  We put it on the floor.  I really don't recall why we didn't buy a bed frame, considering they were probably pretty cheap.  I guess with age does come some wisdom ~ or common sense.

     When we moved back to Texas, we finally had a regular bed.  You know, with a frame and everything.  Very normal, if still a bit small.  After moving to Albuquerque we purchased a select comfort bed, queen size.  Thought we had reached the pinnacle of sleeping comfort, but some years ago we took a trip to Telluride and slept on a king mattress.  Oh, man.  It was heaven.  I have been wanting one every since.  

     Anyone else do crazy shit like this when they were first together?  

Love, 365

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