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November 7, 2016

Oh! It's Monday again......

Along with a pap smear, or a colonoscopy, right?  I did go and have my mammogram done today, and was surprised that I was able to skip the ultrasound this time.  The tech said that because it's been 6 (almost 7!) years since my cancer surgery, I can now enjoy (lol) a routine mammogram.  This did not stop me from shedding a few tears (I always freak out when I have to go, understandably) before I left.  Apparently I will receive "a letter in the mail" letting me know all is well.  If I never receive a phone call from them again for the rest of my life, it won't make me unhappy.   

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I have been truly lucky to have a man who truly helps around the house ~ while I'm busy with work and school (which annoyingly keeps me very busy), he has been cooking meals (sans veggies for the most part) and "cleaning house".  I put that in quotations, because his idea of cleaning house is rather slipshod compared to mine.  I vacuum the baseboards (wha???) and move furniture (you're kidding) and vacuum the upholstery (every week?!).  I am convinced that his idea and mine differ mostly because he doesn't want to spend near as much time as I do ..... and who could cast blame?  Housework is boring, dirty and the darn house doesn't stay clean very long.  Before you know it there's a dust bunny the size of a basketball rolling around in the corner.  And spiders?  It was a real massacre this Sunday.  I found at least 6 different areas where I could see their webs the carcasses they leave behind.  

I am convinced that the reason Romeo sucks at dishwashing and house cleaning is because he does these things without his glasses on.  When it comes to dishes, I'm pretty ruthless, setting them aside for re-washing with the announcement "this is still dirty".  He usually harumps and ignores me.  His favorite dishwashing statement?  "This needs to soak" which means it will sit in the sink for 5 to 8 hours, by which time I lose patience and wash it.  Yeah, I see what he did there.  

So, although I sound like a bitch, complaining about his skills as a housekeeper, I truly am grateful for his help.  And I never ever criticize his skills or you might hear this:
"If it's not good enough, I'll happily let you do it all"
So, yeah, it sounds like an ultimatum, because they feel they are going above and beyond, and we should be appreciative not critical.  I made a comment once on "this is how I do it" and I hear the above comment, which made me break out in a cold sweat.  No help, ever?  Nah, I can pick up the dust bunny and put it in the trash and then go on my happy way.  

Love you, Romeo, for all of your support.  Hey, and most weekends, I take care of the trash.

Love, 365


  1. Oh this is so funny. So like my house. My husbands idea of dusting is around things. Until it smells not a lot bothers him, yet if we go to someones home that is dirty or messy he makes a comment. Yet at home he doesn't see it. Go figure. My husband is GREAT at the cooking and I love that he does it. But my God you'll find ingredients all over the place, stove, floor, countertop, across the room (don't ask) Now I can just laugh, when I was young and we just moved in together I didn't see the humor as I do now. Something good about getting old I guess. (that's the only one)

    1. Yes! Dusting around things, perfect example. Now, I beg to differ that it's the only good thing about growing older....but being able to laugh about things that would have annoyed in our younger years is one of the best!


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