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November 25, 2016

Yep.......and nope......

Have you ever had to write something important, only to discover your head is filled with horrible cliches and banalities, and you couldn't be serious or eloquent if your life depended on it?

Ok, I've managed a bit more than this....but haven't quite managed much meaningful dialogue..

I think I've written before on how hard serious writing (like in, you know, totally serious, right?) is for me.  I struggle.  A sentence is written, rewritten, edited some more, and eventually discarded because I lost my initial focus.  Typical.  Most times, I write a few, go play Candy Crush, or some such game for half an hour, then go back and write a little more.  Sometimes this works well.  Sometimes I shut down the computer and come back to it later.  Other times I just delete the whole thing and decide it's not worth the trouble.  However, this time it's important but won't necessarily be viewed as such by the recipient.  Such is life, eh?

Happy Post Thanksgiving

I hope all of you enjoyed your Thanksgiving holiday!  We enjoyed the meal I spent two days putting together.  Now I have a legit excuse not to cook for at least a day or two.  

Spent part of the day talking to my Mom and Sis.  Mom was doing well despite the Lewy Body dementia.  Since her caregiver wasn't in at the time we spoke, I could tell she was struggling with recalling words and places.  It didn't seem to bother her too much, but it did confirm for me that she depends on him a lot to help when she's having conversations.  My Sis is doing well, she will have her last day at work on 12/23, and then will have some down time until the work from home (insurance underwriter) jobs start up sometime around February or so.  Yesterday I booked a trip to visit my eldest son & grandson, my Mom and Sis as well.  I was able to schedule a round trip flight with a rental car much cheaper on Allegiant than Southwest.  There are some serious limitations to flying with Allegiant though.  I can only travel on Thursday or Sunday.  I can fly to Austin, but not San Antonio.  On the plus side, it's a direct flight, and my son lives in Austin!  I will report on it afterward, but I'm not flying out until February....

So, back to my writing.  I admit, I'm using you as a warm up....

Love, 365


  1. I generally do my writing in my head. Sometimes for days before I actually put any of it down on paper/screen. I *can* sit down and write on command, but the stuff I ponder over and really work at seems to be better. I have a tendency to overthink, but when I write, all that stuff pays off. 'They' say that you should just write and then try to edit later, but I don't know if 'they' are right. I edit as I go quite often.

    I don't love traveling, but I do love seeing my friends and family. I really, really hate flying, though.

    1. If only you knew ~ before I can fly, I have to begin dosing myself with meclizine a few days before. It's an awful thing being so suseptible to motion sickness. But we only have to take off & land once, which is immeasurably so much better for me.
      ~I do a lot of thinking about what I plan to write. The problem is that if I have a real run on it, and have no paper, I can't retrieve it exactly as I had thought. Which is disappointing. And makes me feel old. :-)


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