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November 21, 2016

I can handle you, Monday......

Feeling a little squirrelly

I didn't have the greatest of weeks last week, but I'm in luck.....this week I only have to work one day.  The Tuesday before Thanksgiving is one of our annual office cleaning days.  After work, we break out the mops and vacuums, cleaning solutions and rags and clean the office from top to bottom.  In return, we have Wednesday off with pay.  And of course Thanksgiving is one of our paid holidays.  We're off on Friday, but I have to either take a vacation day for pay or not.  I opted to save my vacation days for some other day.  It helps that Romeo is working.  Our financial situation has improved, and I am thankful that I have that option.  

Yesterday I had an e-mail from our professor that he has cancelled classes for this week!  Woo hoo, I don't have to consider my baking schedule around class.  Now I can stay in my pj's all day if I want to, and take my time baking pie and rolls for Thanksgiving.  It's really nice to have the day before free to take care of some of the more time consuming aspects of a foodie holiday.  

Yesterday I made Boston brown bread ~ I hadn't made any in a few years, and spotted the container I purchased over 20 years ago in the cabinet.  It's usually made in a coffee can, but mine is a heart shaped piece of pottery, with the recipes inside for the bread and a fruit pudding (which I never made because it sounded awful).  It is easy to make, but you need to steam it ~ apparently during colonial times not everyone had an oven.  It's a mixture of rye, whole wheat and cornmeal, with buttermilk and molasses.  It's a heavy, dense bread, flavored mostly by the molasses.  Even though I forgot about the pan and it boiled dry, the bread still came out well.  It might be a little overly browned (ha ha, read burned), but I haven't reached the bottom yet.  I'm meeting with Prof. S today at 2, and plan to make another batch & give to him for the Thanksgiving holiday.  If they don't like it, the birds will, lol.

Well, gotta run.  Have a happy Thanksgiving!
Love, 365

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