November 28, 2019

Happy Thanksgiving!

This week I read a post with ~ what I assume is a 20-30 year old woman ~ ranting over how we've all been fed (haha) a bunch of baloney about Thanksgiving.  That the history in the books is wrong.  And I had to agree that the history books of my childhood were not based on fact, but a not-so-subtle twisting of how it really was so that all of us immigrants can feel good about ourselves.  However, I did bristle when she highly criticized basically all Americans for celebrating this holiday which is, as she explained it, based on lies.  Then the shit storm hit facebook.  Some agreed with her but the overwhelming majority supported Thanksgiving as more than just a continuation of a historical fabrication.  In fact I would feel confident in saying that it's something different to all of us.

For my family, who had very few "traditions", it meant we had turkey, dressing, gravy, vegetables of some kind, bread and then a selection of pies.  Pumpkin.  Pecan.  Apple.  We sat down after Mom cooked all day and ate that beautiful meal in what ~ 15 to 20 minutes?  If we had company then there might have been conversation, jokes, laughter that might have been lacking when it was just Mom, Dad and us two girls.  It all depended on how well Mom & Dad were getting along on that day. 

Mom would then dutifully put up the Christmas decor the day after.  Of course my sister and I helped with all that stuff.  Cooking, putting up the tree, making cookies before Christmas.  But my Mom wasn't a happy woman.  And her unhappiness showered down on the rest of us.  So, although my sister and I weren't depressed or sad all the time, we certainly were not as happy as we might have been if our parents didn't despise each other. 

I'm sorry!  This is supposed to be about Thankfulness ~ and I am so very thankful of all we have.  We had a great dinner today. The turkey was good (ok, it was just a tad dry on the legs).  The dressing was excellent.  The focaccia bread ~ which I thought was good ~ Romeo didn't really care for.  But we have a nice home, that's warm and homey, our health ~ when others are struggling.  Life is good.

I hope all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Love to you all!


  1. The Pilgrim had big funny hats and large shoe buckles. They celebrated a great harvest and invited the Indians over for turkey dinner.

    Lincoln freed the slaves and George Washington could not tell a lie.

    I wish people would stop messing with my history!!

  2. I really don't care about who celebrates and why. It's a part of my family and our lives to have a big turkey dinner once a year and just be together. We don't do it because of the pilgrims or the Mayflower or Squanto or Pocahontas or any of the other stuff they tried to make me memorize in school.

    Sometimes I think we'd actually be better off if people just did their own thing. As long as they're not hurting someone, who really cares?

    Hubby helped me do all kinds of prep today, my son and his wife will be over tomorrow for dinner.

    Happy Turkey to you!!

  3. I thought it was the celebration and sharing of food with the Native Americans. So perhaps that isn't true. I'd love to know her version of the truth. I see it as those we didn't kill we shared bread with. I don't think the pilgrims were exactly kind to those here before them. I get her point to a degree. I mean I don't celebrate Columbus Day because he didn't "discover" this land, he raped, pillage, stole and killed those who were already here. He also brought diseases. Am I happy he told Europe this land was here? Juries out for me, however I still won't celebrate that horrible man so that is where I come from. But hell everyone can go to his parade if they like. I don't begrudge them that. Besides there is barely anything we learned in history that was even remotely close to the truth on a plethora of topics. Enjoy your leftovers!

  4. I don't have the greatest Thanksgiving memories either from my childhood. I am glad you are able to overcome them and enjoy the day with Romeo.


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