November 1, 2019

This and that......

My daughter-in-law sent this pic of my Grandson in Halloween costume....
The funny part is his name is Frank :-)
Frank-furter?  Lol

The last time I enjoyed Halloween was 25 years ago.  Seriously! I enjoyed it when my kids were young but now it's just a giant pain and too much candy laying around.  I didn't want to wear a costume for work, but I remembered my graduation cap and gown, so I wore it.  Still, I would have preferred to wear my regular work clothes ~ that cap wrecked my hair, haha.  Even though I "participated" in the costume thing at work, my coworkers didn't include me in the photo's they took.  Why?  I have no idea.  I know I am too sensitive, but it kinda made me feel like an outsider.  

Which got me to thinking about how few friends I have.  Maybe Romeo's loner mentality is rubbing off.  Then I saw this:
Loners generally have a small circle of close friends and have higher standards for their friendship and trust. They enjoy spending time with their friends but do not depend on and attach to them like others, though they are highly loyal. ... Funny enough, both introverts and extroverts can be loners.

Yeah, so I'm good.  That's the thing about work.  It's like your in-laws ~ you didn't really choose them, they're just there and it's up to you (or me) to find a way to work with everyone.  Mostly when they are getting together to gossip (by which I mean any conversation that doesn't have anything to do with work and not necessarily talking about someone) and it's not a conversation I have any interest in, I just go to my desk and you  Lol.

It's my Friday off.  Unfortunately I don't have Monday off next week like I normally would, because the Doc took (his words) too much time off and wants to make up one of those days.  :-(  Bummer.

Have a great weekend!

Love, 365


  1. Well as I read your loner description I thought, gee that sure sounds like me but I'm an extrovert and then see you last line. So I too am a loner. I was fired from a job when I was 24 because I didn't sit around and gossip and when they had Tupperware parties or something I never went but bought things from the catalog they brought to work. Now in todays environment I could have easily sued for being fired because as I was told on the day of firing, "You just don't partake in our activities or join us for lunch" OH MY GOD Yvone. I went home at lunch because my husband at the time worked 2nd shirt. If I didn't go home at lunch to share with him I never saw him. They knew why I went home 4 of the 5 days. I cried and left that job. But it was a rude awakening, fired for not fitting in. Being 24 I didn't want to do their "old lady" parties or sit in the lunch room and listen to them gossip. Oh well I survived just fine. But I was hurt. I'd see them look at me and then whisper on some days. It made me go back to school is what it did. :-)
    And your grandson is friggin' adorable!!!

    1. Peg, no matter whether you "like" your co-workers or not, it's always hurtful when they purposely exclude us. I can't believe you were fired because you didn't want to spend even MORE time with these people that are not your family/husband/friends. I had to chuckle at the "old lady parties" ~ I went to a few of those in an effort to fit in better and was bored out of my head. I absolutely hate having lunch when everyone is in there. It is so loud, and there are two of them who take 20 minutes to tell their story, when it could have taken 3. :-) My sister and I have become great friends, but she lives nearly 1,000 miles away. One of my other close friends is a care giver for her husband with early-onset alzheimers. So we only see each other two or three times a year. Otherwise I don't have "close" friends, but lots of racquetball friends or church friends or casual friends from my days at the Univ.

      Yep, little Frank is so cute. I am planning on going to Texas in the spring to see him again. :-)

  2. Enjoy your weekend and I loved the picture of Frank. I am loner big time. I can totally relate to how you relate at work.

    1. Isn't that the cutest costume? And they took the pic at just the right time....

      Yeah, there are times when I think it's time to find a new job. Then I remember that I would have to wait a year or two for a decent amount of vacation time. That is probably the one big issue that keeps me from looking.


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