July 30, 2020

Adventures in Texas......

No crying but some choice words.....

I have already mentioned that it is oppressively hot and humid.....almost like taking a shower with your clothes on.  Might be more fun than a seriously cold shower.  I am speaking from experience 😟 

The first time I was unaware that if one person is taking a shower (at my sister's house) then the other shower  only becomes tepid ~ on the cold side.  I managed.  It wasn't the most fun.  But this morning I decided I would get my shower done early, turned on the faucet and nothing....no hot water.....not even close to hot water.......

So, I thought, well, I'm ready, I have my lovely shower cap on.  Let's see how this goes.  Oh.  I didn't really cuss or use real words, but mumbled and grumbled while I did my best to take a really quick one, only hitting the important parts.  But wow, when that cold water hit my upper back, I almost jumped out. 

Turns out that there was a lot of wind here yesterday while we were in Austin and it blew out the pilot light. 

I couldn't even yell out, it was too early and I figured I would wake everyone up with my screaming 😱

So now that's 2 cold showers I've had since I arrived!!

Have a lovely day....
Love, 365


  1. well when you go outside and you are wet within mere minutes remember that cold shower.
    Seriously nothing worse than a cold shower to me. I understand the humidity issue. It was 96 yesterday and 94% humidity. Oppressive. I've lived here 20 yrs now and you just never really get used to it. Up north we stayed indoors more winter days, here I stay indoors more on summer days. But I sure hope you are having fun!!

    1. My sis asked me if I wanted to take a walk this morning, so maybe I jumped the gun on the shower :-)
      I must say this is the least fun trip I've taken in a few years. Romeo and I will have to take a trip to the mountains when I get back home.....

  2. Oooh nothing worse than that cold blast on the back. We have to make sure no one else uses the water while we have a shower otherwise there are unexpected surprises. At the moment even the cold water is warm. Too darn hot here

  3. That reminds me of "Groundhog Day" when Bill Murray leaps out of the shower screaming.


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