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January 18, 2014

Of dogs & homework.....


These are our two house dogs.  They stay outside while we aren't home...but are otherwise inside dogs.  They are good dogs, who don't chew up stuff (other than the designated dog toy) inside the house.  However, anything that's outside is fair game.  My husband tried to make the dog house more comfy by nailing down a carpet remnant, but Sioux made it her personal challenge to see if she could rip out all the carpet.  She succeeded, and it took an hour to pick up all the little pieces of carpet, scattered everywhere.  Still, even with the "challenges" of being a dog family, I can't imagine a life without one (or two).  

~Yesterday I took a few minutes and called my Mom & Sister (who live in Texas).  Everyone seems to be doing fine, except my Mom, who is having trouble with her back.  Her Dr prescribed Celebrex, which she later researched & discovered that it is contraindicated with some of her heart medications ~ I asked her if that particular Dr is her main physician that prescribed her other meds, and it turns out she is.  What the hell?  Don't Dr's even check to see if the medication they are prescribing might pose some sort of risk to their patients?  I was disappointed to say the least.  In the meantime, she continues to try and cope with the pain.  It just pisses me off, I suppose because I feel so powerless to help.

~In the meantime, the statistics class is plodding along.  Our instructor is originally from Sweden, and has a very charming accent.  He did warn us that the class starts out rather easy and becomes difficult quickly.  I have some homework that I plan to start on when I'm done with this.....which is probably why I keep trying to think of other banalities to bore you with so I can keep putting it off, ha ha.  

~My birthday is the 20th, and once every seven years, I get to share it with Martin Luther King Day, as I do this year.  I had planned on getting my drivers license renewed, and then I realized they will be closed.  Crap. We generally renew our license for 8 years, and the state doesn't send you a reminder that your license will expire soon, as my husband found out this year while traveling.  He was traveling for work, and was at the Enterprise car rental, when he discovered he couldn't rent a car because his license would expire before his scheduled return of the car.  Hey, I don't look at my expiration date!!  Now I put a reminder on my calendar to remind me.....the computer/phone calendars are so handy....

~Well, it looks like I've rambled on long enough, I hope you all enjoy your weekend!
Love, 365

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