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January 2, 2014

What the heck????

Have you seen this on TV??

Yesterday I saw this ad on TV.....really????  First of all, I love bacon.  I rarely eat it, but I admit that there are some recipes that simply must have bacon.  OK, maybe many more than call for it!  There is one recipe I love called beef carbonade ~ rather like a stew, served over egg noodles.  It's really fabulous....but it only has 3 strips of bacon in the entire dish, but it wouldn't be the dish I love without those lovely strips of smokey meat.  **I have 2 issues with the "bacon bowl".  Firstly, you could do the same thing in a muffin pan, so there's really no reason to buy a special contraption to make them, although I suppose that those of us who love kitchen gadgets might want them just because.  Secondly, it's the first of the year and the first thing you think is that you have to have food served to you in a bowl of bacon????   I think we all know that having bacon daily is probably not a great idea. (On the other hand, as Fukushima is currently continuing to spew radioactive waste into our oceans, bacon might be healthier than fish.) 

Ah, America.  Home of the "bacon bowl". 

Love, 365


  1. My first thought was about $. Bacon has gotten so expensive who can afford to make whole bowls of it? Not I.

    1. ....and why would we want to? When I need bacon I go to the meat market and buy 3 slices. The people at the meat market hate me.....


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