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January 6, 2015

Wow, I really don't have a publishable title for this one.....

Self portrait, taken this morning.

This morning when my alarm went off, I did the usual ~ in bed mind you ~ check e-mail and bank account.  I was dismayed unhappy pissed off to note that my gym membership dues had been f**ked up again.  This all began at the end of Sept. when the tennis people had a fundraiser of some sort.  To this day I don't know or care what it was for, but I bid on a one year membership thinking it would save me $$, something we all strive to do because then we can spend put it in savings for our eventual retirement, or an emergency or something.  Right?  Yeah.  I will spare you the long story, but these people still haven't got it right.  Going on 3 months now.  The general manager is an ass, and the assistant manager is an ass too.  I swear, I'm ready to cancel the damn thing and be done with it.  Every month I am promised that it will be corrected, and every month so far it's still screwed up.  How long can it take for someone to spend a few (&^$%^ minutes to correct the draw on my account?  Not to mention that I told the GM that I was laid off from work and would really appreciate the saving RIGHT NOW.  Well, you see where that gets me.  I asked the assistant mngr who to talk to in corporate, but she said she thought it would be better if she I'm suspicious, but I realize it is in my nature to be so when faced with this kind of snafu.  I will wait to hear back from her (hopefully another promise that won't show up on my front porch in a brown bag that's in flames), before I go totally ballistic to corporate.  Sheesh.  This is not what I need two days before one of the most important interviews in my current life cycle.  And to think that yesterday I was all like, happy and shit.  

Love, 365


  1. Call your financial institution and tell them that you don't want this to come from your account, that they're billing incorrectly. It's the same as stealing/fraud. Really. Like your pic. :)

    1. Done. Thanks, I thought the pic really reflected my inner bitch, lol


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