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January 27, 2015

I should be completeing my assignment......

Google images, National Geographic

As I sit here trying to concentrate on my homework assignment, I had National Geographic Wild on in the background.  As I view the incredible scenery, the struggle of a wolf to find food, and wild parakeets make their fledgling flights in an area of South America, I am reminded that even though I live in a metropolitan area, there are still many places that remain wild.  Usually located in harsh, extreme environments, it is amazing to see that there is any life there at all.  And yet, there are many species that have adapted to nearly every type of ecosystem on earth.  Just east of where I live stand the Sandia Mountains...still beautiful and wild. Bears sometimes wander into back yards to eat bird food.  Rarely, we see a mountain lion.  We often see coyotes in the arroyo (basically drainage for when rain finally comes).  And of course, there are rabbits, snakes, hawks, owls, lizards and tons of spiders.   Spiders are not my favorite.  Why do they like the shower so much?  It's a mystery.

****I have been having bouts of depression and generally feeling like shit about my prospects for employment.  I don't know if it's my age, or if my college information (under education) is turning off prospective employers.  Maybe both?  I'm feeling pretty darn useless.  Keeping the house clean, cooking meals, and laundry just don't cut it.  I feel like a washed up has-been.  Knowing that excersize usually helps if you're feeling down, I spent nearly an hour on the treadmill....bottom line is it didn't help.  At all.  So, I baked cookies: soft molasses cookies to be exact.  And that did it.  Who says cookies don't make you happy?  Oh, yes they do!!!

Love, 365


  1. Spiders like showers because it's a little known fact that when you have eight armpits, you have eight times the body odor. :)

    I'm not suggesting you start watching kids here, but hear me out. Being underemployed has advantages. When you're working below your educational level or outside your area of expertise, it's often a job that isn't as tightly tied to the economy. (Not necessarily service industry... but think about babysitting, pumping gas etc.. not as jobs for you but you get the idea..)

    So here's my suggestion. Apply for jobs you're interested in trying that are completely different from anything else you've done. With the idea that you may hate it and go somewhere else, or you may end up enjoying it and finding a whole new path.

    1. Hey, Ami! Thanks for your input. I appreciate it, and actually have decided that a part time job would be good for me....I interviewed yesterday for a part time job with a vet's office (as a receptionist). So I can use my skills, and hopefully enjoy the job. We will see.


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