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January 2, 2015

AAAAAAHHHH! Interview jitters...

(Stivers cartoons)

I have an interview today at noon.  Which means that I will miss the "nooner" racquetball get together with my friends that they have on Friday.....that I have enjoyed since being unemployed, when finding things I enjoy has been a little more challenging.  I hope that it will be a quick 30 min thing, and then I can take off and play, but I realize that it may mean I'll miss the whole darn thing.  Oh, well, I am excited to "practice" my interviewing skills, and who knows? maybe this opportunity will be wonderful.  I was a little taken aback that he would be open on the Friday after New Years, but maybe he's closed and wants to take advantage of the quiet time to do interviews.  I find that dentists work their hiney's off and wouldn't normally work the day after New Years.  Oh, hell I'm just rambling, can't you tell?

Of course I woke up with a raging headache.  I got up and immediately took 2 Advil's, and then had a little coffee, and luckily it is gone....for now.  When I'm emotionally volatile I find I commonly get a headache (sad, happy, excited, anxious).  It has to be extreme, but it does happen.  I am so glad that someone invented ibuprofen.  It works for me the way Tylenol never has.  

OK!  I shall take my shower and get going.  I have 2 hours to try and create a nicer version of me than what is sitting in front of the computer at this moment, lol.

Love, 365


  1. Hope things went well. I get, er, intestinal things when I am extremely nervous.
    I usually have to take Imodium to make it to a job interview.
    Fortunately, right now I don't have to do any interviews.

    1. Oh! I think I would prefer headaches! I hate interviewing - that's part of the reason I stuck with my previous position for so long....interviewing is scary and nerve wracking. Thanks for your well wishes!!!!


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