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January 9, 2015

Who's in control here? Hello??

There is nothing so intimidating as the multiple interview  (google images)

.....8:15am yesterday morning ~ showering, dressing (side note: matched bra & panties in case I pass out or something ~ don't ask, ok?), doing hair, using sticky roller to remove dog hair from new pants for interview.

.....9:25am ~ as I exit the bedroom, I hear Sioux chewing on something.  I call out "What are you chewing on?" as I come down the stairs, and see:

 1)  the dog bed in the middle of the living room floor, open on one end, with the stuffing strewn all over (it looks like brown yak hair, but how would I know???)

 2)  the item she was chewing on? the TV remote control, which now is open on one end, battery cover off.  Thankfully she didn't chew on the batteries.

.....9:30am ~ I let the dogs out and proceed to the 10:00am interview, leaving the mess, because I don't have any time to be upset or irritated, gotta go!

.....9:50am ~ I wait in the waiting room for my interview.

.....10:00am ~ I did know that there would be 3 people interviewing me.  I did not realize how intimidating it would be having 3 different people, each holding a sheaf of papers with questions typed on it, two sided.  I actually had to sign a form to agree to be interviewed (?????), and a form to agree to a background check (OK, I figured on that one).  They began, and time slowed to a crawl.  I answered as best I could, feeling like I was being bombarded, which I believe was the effect they were going for, ha!:
           Describe how you handled an unexpected situation.
           What would you do if a credit became a debit.
And so on.  They each took turns asking me the questions....sometimes one or two would nod their head, sometimes not.  At the end, I shook each persons hand, and walked to my car in a daze.  I looked at my watch and realized the interview had only taken about 30 minutes.  I thought I had been in there for an hour.  And as I reviewed it all in my head, I thought:  I've done the best that I can, and it's out of my hands now.  
~Truthfully, I was very excited at this interview.  The job posting sounded like it was meant for me.  And sadly, I thought it would be a slam dunk.  I texted my racquetball friends (who wanted me to let them know how it went), and one of them texted back ~
       Do you still want the job?
 ~I've thought about it off and on in the past 24 hours, and the truth is, I don't know.  They weren't very friendly.  There was no banter, or personal questions that might have put me at ease.  I know it's business, but I'm of the opinion that business doesn't have to be so fucking boring and dry, and if it is I don't want any part of it ~ at least at this point in my life.  Why is fun a four letter word when it comes to work?????  Of course, they probably can't afford to discover they might like someone, because it might interfere with objectivity.  So, I'm moving on while they make their decision.  I made sure to just "be myself" and answered their questions honestly (like: what is your proficiency with Excell?  "I would consider my skills at the beginner level, just basic, as I never had to use it in my previous position").    Ah, well.  

So, I came home to the mess in the living room, and began cleaning it up.  The zipper on the dog bed wasn't destroyed like the last time.....oh, I didn't mention that this happened about a month ago?  Same situation, I was upstairs taking a shower and preparing to leave to run errands.  That dog bed was trashed, but she didn't chew on the remote.  Anyway, I figured while I was doing that, I would turn on the TV, only....the remote didn't work, which I suspected might be the case.  Luckily, our cable provider (that supplies said remote) simply exchanged it, without charge.  Whew.  Moral of this story: Sioux goes outside when I go take my shower.  Duh.
Sioux, on the dog bed in question.  She always sleeps in these weird positions.  
Bad dog, very bad dog!

Love, 365

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