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January 3, 2015

New year, new look, new attitudes.....

I don't recall where I found funny tho!  And surprisingly true.

Ah, the interview went well.  The dentist asked me when I could start ~ so I assume he was offering me a job?  The problem is that I really can't commit to that job until I have my interview with UNM on Thursday....which is a job I really want, for a variety of reasons like:

~They have great benefits, which means I would/could have my own medical insurance instead of being on Romeo's (which is OK, but it would save $$)

~It would be nice to work for a large company, instead of a small business for a change.  I'm sure it's not necessarily better, but it would be different.

~I could take up to 8 credit hours per semester tuition free.

If you have wasted any of your time occassionally reading this blog, you probably thought "ah hah!" on the last one.  And you wouldn't be wrong.  I want to finish my degree, without spending a fortune. There were a few ladies I spoke to at the food bank volunteer day, and two of them said this was the only way they could finish their degree.  And I may decide to go to graduate school after I get my bachelor's degree.

****Of course, they might not hire me, and if the dentist I interviewed with gets impatient, then I might still be looking for work on Jan. 12th.  But, it's a risk I'm willing to take.  It's a new year.   I'm out of the closet (I placed a photo of myself on the blog) , I've changed my telling what I might do next!  However, sky diving won't be one of them, lol.

Love, 365


  1. What did you tell the dentist in answer to his question?

    1. I told him that I wasn't available to start working until the 12th of Jan., and that I had previously committed to an interview for Thursday. ~I really want that job with UNM, and if I accept his job, I wouldn't be off to go to if he hires someone, c'est la vie!


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