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May 10, 2015

I'm making progress due to the looming Monday deadline....


Yes, the looming deadline has made the difference.......I don't seem to be constipated anymore, lol.  This is not to say that I still have occasional writers block, but it usually "ahem" comes out.  Yeah, I know, this is why I don't make money writing.  ;-)

Happy anniversary to's been 5 years!  

It does seem like 5 years, the time didn't go by in a flash.  I was thrilled at my last mammogram when they told me I could cut my visits to them to once a year instead of 2.  Soon I will stop taking the hormone blocker, which is some cause for concern, but all I can do is trust the Dr's.  Obviously I can't take this stuff forever, so might as well be now.  I'm just glad that I'm still here, and have most of my body parts.

Happy Mother's Day!

And so, on a day devoted to Mom's everywhere....I hope you have a wonderful, enjoyable day.  Son #2 is doing the thorough room cleaning (all I could hope for) & Son #1 has taken his lovely wife to a lake house for the weekend for what is most likely a nice weekend away from the chaos that is 5 kids.  Romeo gave me a lovely boquet of flowers, and is cleaning the house.....I bought some steaks for grilling tonight, which I'm looking forward to.  It is a glorious day out there.....all blue skies and nice temp's.  The wind is trying to be bad ass, but so far it's just a little breezy.  

And now, dear friends, it is time to get busy writing.  

Love, 365

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