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May 14, 2015

The semester is done! And what about Stitch Fix?

Ok, where's my beer at????

The semester is done with...and with luck & hard work, I have another "A" to add to my successes.  Honestly, I don't know why he gave me an A, because I wasn't at all happy with my research paper.  And, I should not have put it off, because I literally finished & printed it at 3:20, and left at 3:30 to go to class.  Maybe I just got lucky.  Our professor took us to dinner & we met his wife ~ who was either younger than I thought, or was exactly the age I thought, but looked young.  Yeah, it was a teeny bit awkward, but delicious.  We went to an asian street food place on Central.  If you're really really hungry, order pho.  My bowl was HUGE.  I did not finish it, although it was really good.  Plus, not really a good dish to order in awkward situations, because the noodles are about a mile long, and there's no truly graceful way to eat it, unless you have the foresight to ask for a fork and knife so you can cut the noodles into bite size pieces.  As it was, I made do with those funny weird spoons they give you & chop sticks.  How in God's name are you supposed to eat soup with chop sticks? Hmmmm.  

Stitch fix......

Yesterday my sister posted on Facebook that she gave Stitch Fix a try.  Supposedly it's a service that sends you 5 items ~ tops, bottoms, dresses, hand bags, shoes, accessories ~ based on a questionaire you fill out that includes sizes, colors, fabrics, patterns, and how you like your clothes to fit, like tight, fitted, straight (what ever that means),  and loose.  You also have a spot to put in stuff you like, such as "I prefer to wear jeans most of the time" or "I need a cocktail outfit for a party", etc.  Of course you have to include your payment info, and pick a delivery date.  
My sister and I don't really have the same taste in clothes, so I thought I would read whatever reviews I could find online.  Oh, and I wanted to find out how much it costs as well, because my sister's clothing budget has ALWAYS been bigger than mine.  Besides the fact she has more discretionary money, she has a mind-boggling closet, and a huge shoe collection.  
Anyway, here are some pictures of the outfits I saw on their review section.  

Stitch Fix
This is a photo from one of their clients.  Now, apparently this woman really likes green, and really loved this dress.  All I could think was ugh.  I wouldn't wear that dress unless you paid me a lot of money.

Again, this is from their web site.  I don't want to be mean, but that skirt makes me want to barf.  I wouldn't wear this one even if they did pay me.  

****I cut the heads off of these photos....somehow it made me feel better.

To be fair, there were some outfits that I sorta liked, and the idea of getting a box of clothes & accessories delivered to my door once a month to try on and keep or send back.  But I realized that even though clothes shopping can sometimes be a pain in the ass, I prefer to pick out my own.  Part of the service is having a "stylist" choose for you.  Sounds glamorous until you look again at the pics I've posted, huh?  And it seems to me that it's more of a computer stylist that gives the human stylist options.  I don't think it's very economical either, although they do give you a price range to pick from.  The first one is "cheap" and the second is $50-100, and as you may have already guessed, it goes up from there.  If any of you have tried it and have a different take on it, let me know!

Oh, and if you like those clothes and I've insulted you......whoops.

Love, 365


  1. Wouldn't wear any of them.
    Sometimes I go to Goodwill and look through the clothing. I don't need a lot more clothing, I have too much already. And I have this running commentary in my head. "Nope. NO NO NO. GOD no." And then turning away to look through the books, "Finding nothing she wished to be caught dead in, Susan left the clothing section behind."

    Also, I wear clothing that you can't buy. I do a lot of tie dye. And stuff that's dyed in other ways, too. Custom. OMG I am a designer!!

    1. I would be thrilled to wear your tie dye anyday😊. But truly that red checked skirt - what was she thinking?


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