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May 3, 2015

Please please drive with courtesy, and we'll all have a great commute......

It's silly for a reason!  (Google images)

If any of you regularly read my blog, you may already know that I have issues with other drivers.  Mostly just the "I'm really in a big hurry, and I'm more important than you" type.  There are others I also have issue with, like the "That's my parking spot, and to hell with you"...which I encountered a few weeks ago at one of our malls.  I was waiting for someone to pull out of their parking space, and another car zipped around the corner & snagged it (and yes, they did see I was waiting).  Instead of acting upon the devious retribution thoughts in my head, I decided it was better for me to give up on shopping that day, and go home.  Or the person who turned right in front of me to get into the parking space they thought I wanted, although I was simply leaving and had no interest whatsoever in that parking place.  Not to mention that there were lots of parking spaces around.  Was it really necessary to turn right in front of me?  I would have broadsided them, except that I had a "feeling" they were going to be ass holes.  I guess I have "ass hole radar".

The main issue I have is people who put you at risk because they are in a big ol' hurry to get.....wherever.  All ages, sexes and ethnic groups are guilty.  And, invariably you see these same ass holes at the next stop light.  I refuse to believe that most of these idiots fail to notice that the person they cut in front of are right there with them at the next light.  Perhaps its they want to be in front.  Even if that means that they aren't getting anywhere faster....they just have to "beat you" to the light.  Humans are kinda weird, so I wouldn't discount this theory.  

If I thought I could really change the world by changing my career path and teach driving skills, I would do it in a heart beat.  But I think it's not how they are taught to drive, it's more their personality that "drives" (ha ha) them.  So, if my theory is correct, people that drive like ass holes are probably ass holes all the time.  

Could you imagine a drive to work where everyone (including yourself) drives with courtesy?  It's a pipe dream of mine.  No one cuts you off, steals your parking spot, or drives right in front of you to take something you don't even want.  Pipe dream?  Nah, it's more like a fantasy.

Love, 365


  1. I was heading North the other night, and a car was coming from the South. To my right was a little road. The car heading South was being driven by a woman who was laughing and talking on her cell phone. She waited for some pedestrians to cross the little side road, but evidently couldn't watch the people, talk on the phone and see oncoming traffic at the same time. She turned directly in front of me. The looks on the faces of the other drivers who were stopped behind her, the pedestrians she didn't hit and on my face, too, must have been pretty humorous, 'cause she just kept laughing and chatting and driving. I don't think she even saw me.

    Stupid people everywhere. One reason I don't drive with a gun. ;)

  2. Tempting....but, no, I guess not. Phooey.


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