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January 11, 2016

Ah, Sunday.....oh wait, it's Monday

I have no idea where this came from, someone posted it to a group text, and I had to have it.

Yes, I started this post on Sunday.  All I managed to get done was the title, ha ha.   Sunday was a very nice day ~ sleeping in a little, drinking coffee while in my pj's, a couple hours of racquetball, then a quiet afternoon.  We are also glued to Downton Abbey Sunday nights.  It's the final season, and supposed to "wrap up unanswered questions".  So far I'd say they are doing a splendid job.

Found this fab image on favorite cast member, the Dowager Countess.

Nice little play here with the Game of Thrones throne.   
She nearly considers herself the queen, lol.

A lot of fans claim to love the costumes, and although I think they're nice enough ~ lots of attention to detail ~ I am not a fan of the flapper style.  I thought they did nothing to enhance a woman's figure.  

Here's what I mean.....
Apparently all the "ladies" of the manor wore gloves most of the time.
Except when they're eating ~ good call there.
I have no idea why there is a red circle in this photo.

Anyway, it's great to have a show on that we love with no commercials.  Thank you, PBS.  

If you haven't ever watched the show, it's great for those of us that love history.  The series begins before WWI, and after ~ the after being a time when many manor's came on hard times.  Many of them sold out, or sold much of the land around their castles.  Because, dang, that is a castle.

This is Downton Abbey.  Still owned by the original family, I think.  
The series has provided the family with much needed funds to repair and maintain the manor.

Well, got lots to do & little time to do it.  See ya!
Love, 365

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