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January 2, 2016

Part two....still driving me insane with pot banging. Why oh why?????

Ha ha, I thought these little finger puppets were very demonstrative of my current mood.

Earlier today I was attempting to write, and Romeo started banging around (he always makes a lot of noise when he is frustrated, irritated, annoyed or just plain ol' mad).  It's been a rather lazy day, that strangely feels a lot like a Sunday....although I don't know why, it just does.  Around 2pm I decided to get started ~ or restarted ~ on my history class.  It's been 8 weeks since I've done anything on it.  At least.  I'm not sure that the lack of deadlines is a good idea for me, lol.

Before I delve into this afternoons situation, I must explain that I had (note the word had) an office upstairs.  I used it mainly when I needed somewhere quiet to work or study.  Well, when Romeo was laid off, he was set up in our "dining room" ~ which isn't used as a dining room, but sort of a sitting room with a couple of chairs, a table, and an old armoire that we use as a bookcase/storage cabinet.  This went on for a month or so, and then one day announced he was setting up in my office space because the other room wasn't working for him anymore.  Essentially kicking me out of the office I had set up.  Which kinda pissed me off, but being me, I didn't say anything.  And of course, if I said I needed it, he would clean off the desk.  Temporarily.  

It's not like I had a hissy fit of my own.  Truthfully I rarely shut myself up in the office.  So, since he's busy working on his resume and applying for jobs, I figured I could sacrifice my office to him for awhile.  

If at all possible, I set up my books and computer on the kitchen table.  It's a very large table.  If Romeo is sitting across from me, I have to stand up to pass the salt.  When dinner time rolls around, I just stack everything on the end of the table I'm working at.  Most of the time, it works well.  Lately, it seems that whenever I get on the computer to work or blog or whatever, he seems inclined to enter the kitchen and create a racket.  He did that this morning, and he did it again just a few minutes ago.  Really?? The dishes that were dry after washing could have waited.  In fact, I just now had to tell him to quit bugging me.  Which makes me feel a little bit bad because he is trying to be nice "do you need anything" kind of question.  On the fucking hour.  

I never have any alone time anymore.  

And it's driving me batshit.

Ok, so now that I've amazed you at my wedded bliss, what's going on with you?

Love, 365


  1. I know how you feel. The alone time thing... I don't want to be alone permanently or anything, but when I'm creating, whether with words or arty stuff, I get in a zone. And when someone interrupts me, it's awfully hard to get that back. I can sit around for hours, doing NOTHING and no one bothers me. But try to blog or draw and suddenly I'm like a light to a moth. :-D


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