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January 18, 2016

Let's talk about "Common Sense" for a moment.

UNM campus, courtesy of Bing Images...
Notice how empty it is????
That's because the university closes on MLK Day.

Hello.  According to my class schedule, I am (or should be) in class.  I checked it twice.  I put the date, time, building name and room number in my phone.  And today, I pretty much planned my whole day around being in class at 4pm.  

When I drove past the northern end of the campus on my way to the parking garage, I thought "this isn't the look of a parking lot on campus on the first day of classes for the semester".  But, as I had checked, my class schedule says 1/18/2016 @ 4pm.  I supposed that perhaps the evening classes (yeah, they believe 4pm are evening classes) might begin even though the day classes didn't.  So, as I think about what I just wrote it sounds dumb.  

I parked & paid, because the parking nazi's campus parking police are pretty hard core at UNM.  I did get a ticket once because I didn't drive away before my time expired, because I was very ill and couldn't.  I did get that ticket forgiven, although they were quite clear that there was still a violation.  Hmph.

I walked to the building and of course it was locked.  And yet, I still asked a couple of young ladies to be sure.  I like to be thorough.

So, how hard would it have been to put on the schedule that the classes that are on Monday would start on Jan. 25?  I think UNM needs a better IT department.

I have never worked anywhere where I had MLK Day off with pay, although admittedly I've never worked for the postal service, governmental agency (city or state), or in public school system.  They get every conceivable day off with pay, whereas I only get 5.  But, hey, whatever.  I work 4 days a week, and am perfectly happy with my paid holidays.  So, I am giving myself a break and not telling myself I'm stupid, or that I probably should have called last week to make sure.  

Point taken.

Love, 365

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  1. Yeah I had a bad MLK day too. The bank was least you got outta class!

    - Harlynn


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