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July 10, 2016

Get me an aspirin, quick....

I'm sure y'all remember me talking about the honors class....I seem to think of nothing else, along with the issues at work with the time off I would need to take it.  Our OM (office manager) said it would be so much better if the class was on a Tues - Wed - Thurs, since that is when all of the staff is in the office.  We alternate Monday and Friday, so on those days, there are only two of us working up front.  I did admit that I could take the class in the fall of 2017, since it doesn't look like I will finish all class work by then & graduate.  Damn, wish I could quit and go full time....I would be done in 2017 in that case, but whatever...

So, on Tuesday of last week, I received an IM (instant message) from the OM saying that perhaps the Monday-Wednesday class would work better, as I would be out of the office fewer hours.  Because, I work every other Monday & Friday.  Got it?  Yeah, it is rather complicated, but it didn't take me long to find an app (for firemen, no less) that allows me to input the proper days, etc.  Anyhow, I leapt up from my desk & wandered into her office with "What???"  At any rate, I mentioned that I still think we should wait for our fourth member of the front desk staff to return from vacation & make sure she at least feels as though we waited to confer with her before making the decision.  This fourth person has been working at the office longer than any of the rest of us, and she might take offense if we made the decision without her.  AND to throw in some more interesting stuff, one of my co-workers offered to trade Mondays/Fridays with me (since we are on opposite schedules) so that it would not be an issue on Mondays as two people would be there to cover everything that comes up.

I might actually be able to take the class.  Something I have been wanting for a year.  And recall that I had not yet dropped the class in hopes of a miracle?  Yup, looks like I might have one.  Maybe.  I guess I will find out on Tuesday.  Crossed fingers, and all that........and of course, now that it might be a possibility, I'm really nervous about the class.  Hmmmmmm
Romeo signed his contract with the charter school ~ so YAY!  we will be insured before you know it. We had to go through a very long outline of how much everything is, what is covered, etc., but truthfully I am relieved as hell that we will have coverage again.  I have gone 8 months without anything (because at $450 a month for the crappiest plan for one person) it's cheaper to pay the government the penalty for not having any.  Regardless, that law really rankles.  I get the idea behind it, but really?  Ah, well, I'm not going to rant about that.  I hate politics, and especially our politics, and most especially the current presidential election.  Pish.

Well, gotta go....just discovered I have to write a 3-5 page paper for the history class on how AIDS affected Africa - economically, population wise, etc.  You know how I love to write.  Ha ha

Have a great week, everyone!
Love, 365

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