July 18, 2016

Pakistan still allows "honor killings"...wtf

Qandeel Baloch (Bing images)

So, who was this chick in the aviator's?  Beats me.  I live in the U.S., and rarely read the news....but I was reviewing the news bar at the bottom of the Bing homepage....

Monday morning's page.....

See the line of photos on the bottom?  I sometimes like to scroll through and see what's happening outside of my small slice of the world....I don't watch the news on TV, and I don't subscribe to the daily Albuquerque Journal ~ because I find the news quite depressing.  Stabbings, shootings, bombings....Anyway!

I saw this story about Qandeel, and was appalled.  They titled it "Facebook Star Killed", because I am not Muslim, and don't live in Pakistan, I had no idea who she was.  After reading several stories (or viewpoints, as I think of news these days), I understand that she lived her life outside the norms of Pakistani culture ~ well accepted culture.  Then, her brother (her brother!!) drugged her and strangled her.  And states he is "not ashamed" for doing so, because she has dishonored the family name.  The only difference I see in the story is that the father of the family had his son arrested for his daughters murder.....which puts the brother in a bit of a pickle, since these murders go unpunished many times as the family is allowed to "forgive" the murderer.  

As I try to find words to comment on this despicable act, I find myself unable to go beyond one word responses, like ~ horrific....saddened......incomprehensible.....and so on.

Mostly, I think to myself that I'm glad I don't live in a country that condons the practice of "honor killings".

Love (each other), 365


  1. I guess if you're raised to believe that's right, you don't think it's so horrible? But if the father had him arrested, I would think the father did not teach his son that honor killing is ok. I just don't get it. Like HOW could you murder a member of your immediate family?? If one of my brothers or sisters confessed to me that they had done something worthy of life in prison, I would probably help them get rid of the body before wanting to see them punished.......

    1. Oh, Mich. Nope. I don't think there's ever any reason to think it's ok to kill (most daughter's and wives) because of some antiquated notion that they've besmirched the "honor" of the family. I suppose it does keep many of the women in line, however.
      I will call you if I need to get rid of a body.... tee hee.

  2. I would guess the son and father did not get along in this situation. How sad and tragic.

  3. I would guess the son and father did not get along in this situation. How sad and tragic.


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