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July 31, 2016


Time to (re)write.....Bing images

Seems like anytime I have a paper due, I end up posting some blah blah nonsense.  So, since I have to rewrite and turn in my paper tomorrow, I wanted to keep with the tradition of procrastinating.  Lets see, how else could I waste my time?  I'm sure I'll come up with something.

A rewrite is not as difficult as a virgin paper.  But I am rather tired of this one, as this will be rewrite #4.  I keep adding to the data.  It's a research paper that I've been working on and off for over a year.  So, I guess I better get going and finish, because I don't want to be making any last minute scrambles to get it done.  =sigh=

I will be a bit sad that this will be the end of my last class with Prof. Stuart.  I hope that we can meet up every other month or so just to chat, because he is a very interesting man with a lot of knowledge. He was supposed to teach a class this fall, but apparently put it off until the spring.  So, maybe it won't be the last class!  I suppose it depends on how he feels about it.  Lately he has been disgusted with the "powers that be" at UNM ~ at least we share that attitude (as far as offered classes and the times they are available).

Enjoy your week!
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